Quinsam Crossing is a gateway location to the Campbell River community. The 60 acre site is strategically located adjacent to the Inland Island Highway, only minutes from downtown Campbell River and the Campbell River Airport.  It’s a destination for passersby to obtain basic services and a place where businesses are planned to be compatible and supportive of one another.  It is a place where environmental, social, and fiscally responsible elements will ensure long term sustainability.

The development will include a variety of commercial and retail services, community and recreational amenities.  Where a hotel, restaurants, and basic services will continue to honour the ancient nature of “Quinsam – the resting place”.  The Elders of the We Wai Kai Nation say the name “Quinsam” originated as a “resting place” for the people as they journeyed from the sea to inland destinations. In this context, the name appears rather prophetic.

All of these facilities will be designed to not only make Quinsam Crossing an important shopping and entertainment destination for the whole of North Vancouver Island, but also make it a mid-island highway gateway to Campbell River and create opportunities for retail.

A complete package is available for interested parties which include:

  1. Site plan of available lots
  2. Matrix summary of appraised values and lease values
  3. Quinsam Crossing Development Design Guidelines
  4. Leasing Terms
  5. Municipal Services
  6. Taxing Jurisdiction
  7. Building Permits