To support treaty negotiations toward achieving a fair and just treaty that secures the future and better quality of life for all generations of our member nations.
We Wai Kai Campground located in Drew Harbour. Perfect for Family Camping. Open May 15 - Sept 15. Trailers for Rent on availability. Close to True Value Grocery, Shops and Rebecca Spit.
Tsa-Kwa-Luten Lodge offers privacy and seclusion within a 1100 acre forest located on Quadra Island, only a 10 minute ferry ride from downtown Campbell River.
The Kwik Kwik Gillas Cultural Education Centre located next to the Cultural Centre is being developed for the delivery of a variety of Cultural Education Programs.

Welcome to the We Wai Kai Nation

The most recent census data reports that the We Wai Kai Nation population is approximately 1200 members, of which an estimated 600 live off-reserve. The We Wai Kai Nation's reserve lands cover 684.74 hectares (1692.27 acres). The We Wai Kai Nation had 5 designated reserve lands, which include:

  • Village Bay - identified as Indian Reserve #7 - located on the east side of Quadra Island, is 4.11 hectares in size and uninhabited.
  • Open Bay - identified as Indian Reserve #8 - located on the east side of Quadra Island, is 5.02 hectares and is uninhabited.
  • Drew Harbour - identified as Indian Reserve #9 - located on the east side of Quadra Island and is 96.6 hectares in size.  Drew Harbour is site for the We Wai Kai Campground, the We Wai Kai Nation Seafood Corporation, and the Raving Raven seasonal food kiosk.
  • Cape Mudge - identified as Indian Reserve #10 - located on the south-western portion of Quadra Island. This is the largest of the five reserve lands encompassing 458 hectares. Cape Mudge is home to Tsa-Kwa-Luten Lodge, the Boatworks, the Nuyumbalees Culture Centre (formerly the Kwaguith Museum), the Band Administration Office, pre-school/daycare and approximately 65 homes for the Nations citizens and their families.
  • Quinsam - identified as Indian Reserve #12 - located within the City limits of Campbell River and is 121 hectares in size. The Quinsam Reserve has approximately 95 residential homes for their citizens along with a new 42 residential sub-division ready for development. Quinsam Reserve houses the Quinsam Crossing Shell Gas Station, The Quinsam Liquor Store, Lee's Famous Chicken, The Kwakiutl District Council, the Cape Mudge Band Learning Centre, Aboriginal Headstart Program, the Quinsam Crossing Economical Development Area and the Quinsam Wellness Centre. Within the Quinsam Wellness Centre is KDC Health and  Nanwakolas.