User Administration Fees

The Communications Department is responsible for booking all the We Wai Kai Nation fields.

To book a field, please complete an application form and drop it off at 690 Head Start Crescent, Campbell River, BC, or email it to  If you cannot access the downloadable form, please contact our office at 250-914-1890

Field User Administration Fees

Youth Groups:

  • Per hour/field for games – $10/hr.
  • Per day (8+ hrs.) Youth Tournament – $40 /day.
  • Lighting fee per hour – $10/hr.

Adult Groups:

  • Per hour/field for games – $20/hr.
  • Per day (8+ hrs.) Adult Tournament – $160/day.
  • Lighting fee per hour – $10/hr.

Field Closure Guidelines

Conditions requiring fields to be closed:

  • Frost
  • Snow
  • Heavy Rains – Continuous and consecutive days
  • Presence of standing water

Other considerations:

  • Drainage conditions
  • Safety issues
  • Cumulative amount of stress on the field

Unscheduled/emergency repairs may also have an impact on field closures.

The conditions of the fields are assessed by the Band Administrator/Lands Department using the above guidelines. Once the assessment is complete, the Band Administrator/Lands Department decides if the field closures are warranted. If a field needs to be closed, it is always with regret, but it is necessary to prevent long-term field closure due to repairs and renovations.